Below is a sampling of various Concrete Products we have available at all of our Clark's U-Save Rockery Home and Garden Centers, including rebar & steel, finishing tools, color and sealers. See also our Cement Products page and Other Products page. Please call or visit for specific availability of individual products at each location.

We are pleased to offer Ready-Mix Concrete (either U-Haul or Delivery) at our Clark's U-Save Rockery location in Hayward. Please click here for more info.

Sealers/Marking Paint
Glaze N' Seal - Wet Look 2000 Lacquer
Quikrete products - including: concrete bonding adhesive, asphalt cleaner, crack seal, water stop, quick setting cement and anchoring cement.
Glaze N' Seal - including cleaner, grip 'n seal, multi-purpose sealer, penetrating sealer, efflorescence remover, stone sealant.