This is a sampling of our wide selection of Gravel options which Clark's U-Save Rockery Home and Garden Centers have available in our San Leandro and Hayward locations. Also check our Pebbles/Smooth Rocks selection. Perfect for pathways and other gravel projects.

Aromus 1/4x10
3/4" Minus Base Rock
1/4" Birds Eye Pea Gravel
Blue Deco 1/4" Dust
3/4" Crushed Blue Deco
5/8" Dolomite
1 & 1/2" Ginger
3/4" Class Permeable Base
3/4" Lodi
3/4" Black Lava
3/4" California Gold
3/4" Ginger
3/4" Red Lava
1 & 1/2" Blue Deco