Other Products & Supplies

Clark's U-Save Rockery Home and Garden Centers carry a wide selection of various other products -- almost everything else you need to get your landscaping project done. See a sampling below or come into our San Leandro or Hayward, CA store to see the full selection. See also our tools page!

Lawn Sod
Weed Stopper Fabric
Waterfalls and Ponds
Driveway Columns
Sealers/Marking Paint
Stone House Numbers
Plastic Bender Board
Misc Supplies
Glaze N' Seal - Wet Look 2000 Lacquer
Quikrete products - including: concrete bonding adhesive, asphalt cleaner, crack seal, water stop, quick setting cement and anchoring cement.
Glaze N' Seal - including cleaner, grip 'n seal, multi-purpose sealer, penetrating sealer, efflorescence remover, stone sealant.
Surebond - Joint Stabilizing Sealer